Environmental Policy


  • The top management and employee of M.A.C. Technology (M) Sdn. Bhd. shall commit to and implement the requirements of the ISO 14001 Environment Management System
  • All procedures related to ISO 14001 Environment Management System shall be documented, implemented, maintained and communicated to all employee of M.A.C.
  • Our company environmental policy shall be communicated to all employee and person working on behalf of MAC and made available to the interested party on request.
  • We shall comply to all legal requirements in relation to environmental acts and any related guideline from governments agencies and customers requirements in which M.A.C. subscribes.
  • We shall commit to the environment protection, prevention of water and soil contamination, air and noise pollution and minimize the adverse effect on the environment from our process.
  • We shall continually improve, set new targets, objective and review our environmental policy periodically to ensure that our commitment to the environment is carried out successfully.
  • We shall take necessary measures not to use banned substance materials and chemicals and make known to our employee and persons working on behalf of MAC the effects and impacts on environment and health, in relation to the chemicals use
  • We shall reduce the environmental burden by reducing waste generated by our process with the implementation of reduce, reuse and recycle and by the conservation of resources and energy.